ROLLER'S cropping tongs Mini M

Cropping tongs Mini for treaded bars up to M 10

ROLLER\'S cropping tongs Mini M

Robust cropping tongs Mini
for burr free cutting of threaded steel, stainless steel bars up to strength class 4.8 (400 N/mm²), M 6 – M 10. 

  • For dimensionally accurate, cutting of threaded bars in seconds without burr. No deburring. No filling. Just screw in. Ready
  • Cutting device in tongs design (Patent EP 1 459 825, Patent US 7,284,330).
  • Can be driven by all ROLLER’S 22 kN radial presses.

Safety instructions für Presszangen, Pressringe, Zwischenzangen, Trennzangen M, Kabelschere, Presszangen Basic E01, Presseinsätze (PDF)



 <br/>Cropping tongs Mini M 6
 <br/>Cropping tongs Mini M 8
 <br/>Cropping tongs Mini M 10


 <br/>Cropping inserts M 6 pair
 <br/>Cropping inserts M 8 pair
 <br/>Cropping inserts M 10 pair

Steel case with insert 578295 A
 <br/>Steel case with insert
 <br/>L-Boxx for 11 PT 578+6 PR S


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