ROLLER'S Disc 100 / Disc 100 RF

Pipe cutting machine up to Ø 110 mm

ROLLER\'S Disc 100 / Disc 100 RF

Compact, lightweight, robust pipe cutting machine
for cutting and removing burr from pipes up to 110 mm.

  • Universal for effortless, fast and right-angled cutting many types of pipe without external burr.
  • Ideal for right-angled and fast cutting of stainless steel tubes and copper
    tubes of the pressfitting systems.
  • Optimally set cutting speed (115 rpm).
  • Only 16.8 kg.
  • Robust, maintenance-free gear.
  • Proven, powerful universal motor 1200 W, with safety foot switch.

Operating instruction Disc 100 (PDF)

Parts list Disc 100 (PDF)



ROLLER'S Disc 100 Basic 845001 A220
 <br/>ROLLER'S Disc 100 Basic

ROLLER'S Disc 100 RF Set 845003 A220
 <br/>ROLLER'S Disc 100 RF Set


 <br/>ROLLER'S Cutter wheel Cu/INOX
 <br/>ROLLER'S Cutter wheel V, s10
 <br/>ROLLER'S cutter wheel St
 <br/>ROLLER'S Cutter wheel Cu
 <br/>ROLLER'S Cutter wheel RF

Cutter wheel C-SF 845055 A
 <br/>Cutter wheel C-SF

Feed lever 845218 R
 <br/>Feed lever

Accessory: ROLLER'S Rondo 10-54 E

Accessory: ROLLER'S Assistent 3B / WB

ROLLER'S Assistent 3B 120120 A
 <br/>ROLLER'S Assistent 3B

ROLLER'S Assistent WB 120130 A
 <br/>ROLLER'S Assistent WB

Accessory: ROLLER'S Werkmeister


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