Electric die stock up to 2"

ROLLER\'S King 2

Compact, powerful, handy electric die stock
for pipe threads 1/8–2”, 16–50 mm, bolt threads 6–30 mm.

  • For repairs, renovations and building sites.
  • Easy, fast change of quick-change die heads.
  • Unique locking of quick-change die heads.
  • Only 5.7 kg.
  • Robust, maintenance-free gear.
  • Proven, powerful universal motor 1200 W.

Operating instruction King (PDF)

Parts list King 2 (PDF)



Accessory: ROLLER'S quick-change die heads

 <br/>Adapter to 1 1/4
 <br/>Quick change die head
 <br/>Quick change die head
 <br/>Quick change die head
 <br/>Quick change die head
 <br/>Quick change die head
 <br/>Quick change die head

Accessory: ROLLER'S dies for quick-change die heads

Dies R 1/8, set 479400 A

Dies R 1/4, set 479401 A

Dies R 3/8, set 479402 A

Dies R 1/2, set 479403 A

Dies R 3/4, set 479404 A

Dies R 1", set 479405 A

Dies R 1 1/4, set 479406 A

Accessory: ROLLER'S Smaragdol

Accessory: ROLLER'S Rubinol 2000

Accessory: ROLLER'S Nipparo

Accessory: ROLLER'S roll grooving attachment

 <br/>ROLLER'S Roll grooving attach.

Conversion kit 347007 A
 <br/>Conversion kit


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